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Metronomes, Tuners & Tuner Batteries

The Bluegrass Shack carries a variety of different tuners to meet anyone's needs. Here are a few notes about tuners to help you make your decision about which one is best for you!

Clip (vibration) tuning means that the tuner is clipped to the instrument and picks up vibrations from the instrument to help you tune. It works well in noisy environments. Mic tuning means that the tuner has a small microphone in it and will pick up the sound waves from the air to help you tune. If you have an instrument that doesn't have a good place to clip a tuner (i.e., autoharp, dulcimer, some fiddles), then this would be a good choice for you. These do not work well in noisy environments because they will pick up all sound from the room.

All chromatic tuners will tune any instrument in chromatic mode. If you choose to tune in a mode other than chromatic, the tuner will only pick up frequencies that correspond to the instrument mode you have chosen.

Many tuners have a calibration mode that allows you to tune in something other than standard (A=440). If you are worried about understanding a bunch of different features, I would encourage you to choose the Tune Tech One Touch TT1 Tuner. It has no special features at all and is very easy to use.

All of the tuners featured on this page use the 3V 2032 battery, which can be purchased from us or from any store that carries button batteries.

2032 Tuner Batteries (3) $5.00 Free Shipping (US only)

Standard 3V button battery that works in all of our tuners. Sold in sets of three (3) batteries. Great deal and free shipping, too!

Intelli IMT-900 Tuner $25.00 + 3.50 S/H (US only)

Will tune any instrument. Features include calibration, transposition, bright backlight, and chromatic tuning. Clip (vibration) tuning. Uses 2032 battery.

Play-on or eNote Tuner $18.00 + 3.50 (US only)

This tuner is identical in two different brands -- Play-On or eNote. Mic and clip (vibration) tuning. Will tune any instrument in chromatic mode. Features Chromatic, Violin, Guitar and Bass modes. Uses 2032 battery.

Tune Tech "One Touch" TT1 Tuner $25.00 + $3.50 (US only)

No frills tuner! You won't get confused with different modes and different calibration settings -- because there aren't any on this tuner! Just turn it on and you are ready to go. Will tune any instrument, as it is a chromatic tuner. Clip (vibration) tuning. Uses 2032 battery.

Musedo/Cherub Tuner $15.00 + 3.50 S/H (US only)

This tuner is identical in two different brands -- Musedo or Cherub. Mic and clip (vibration) tuning. Will tune any instrument in chromatic mode. Uses 2032 battery.

Intelli 5 in 1 Metronome/Tuner $59.00 + 4.00 S/H (US only)

Packed with great features! Has a large, built-in speaker in the back that makes it the loudest metronome that I know of. No more straining to hear the metronome over your own playing. Fantastic tuner as well with built-in mic mode. You can purchase a clip that allows you to tune any instrument in clip mode. This all-in-one unit features a tuner; a pitch generator (plays 88 different pitches/notes!); a thermometer in both F and C degrees; a hygrometer (humidity guage); a metronome; a handy, pull-out leg that allows the device to stand up on its own; and plug-ins for DC9V wall adaptor, clip microphone, input, and headphones. This is what I personally use most of the time, and I suggest it to my students for its loud metronome.

The pitch generator mode can be used for ear training. You can try to match the string pitch to the generated pitch, then switch to tuner mode to see how close you came.

Uses a 9V battery (included) or you can purchase a DC9V wall adaptor. When the battery runs low on this device, it will actually light up, but you'll get blinking and flashing of the screen, which will be your indicator to replace the battery. Comes complete with a small, vinyl case (shown in Front picture).

Additional Pictures:

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Mic Clip for Tuner $12.00 + 2.00 S/H (US only)

This handy clip actually has two functions. It is marketed and sold as a microphone clip to transform any mic-style tuner into a clip-style (vibration) tuner. It works with the Intelli IMT-301, and also other tuners with a 1/4" input. It has a bonus function in that it will work as a transducer on any instrument to which you can clip it. For instance, you can clip this to a guitar peghead, plug it into an amplifier, and now you have an amplified guitar!

Additional Pictures:

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