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Used Banjos for Sale

Our inventory of used instruments is constantly changing, as we purchase and trade new and used instruments regularly. Check back for updates frequently, or feel free to send us an e-mail if you are searching for something in particular.

All of our banjos, whether new or used, are professionally setup and ready to play. You are guaranteed of getting the best sound possible, and the playability you deserve!

If you need help deciding which banjo is right for you, take a look at for more information.

Vintage Fender Leo Banjo w/original case - $940 + $60 Shipping

Vintage Fender Leo banjos are sought after by many banjo enthusiasts, and this one is in good playable condition! It has four new planetary pegs, a new banjo head, a new Snuffy Smith bridge and three 5th strings spikes (at 7, 9 and 10). Ebony fingerboard with dot inlays. The resonator has hazy (cloudy) varnish. Bone nut. Practically no fret wear at all! The tension hoop has pitted chrome plating, but on all the rest of the banjo, the plating is in good condition with very little wear/pitting. There is light wear to the fingerboard on the first couple of frets. Nothing major or problematic. Instrument is solid and in ready to play condition! This banjo has a great sound to it and is loud enough to cut through acoustic jams! Not recommended for really hard pickers (over pickers), but fine for anyone else.

Additional Views: Click photo for larger front view

Front           Pic 1           Pic 2           Pic 3          

Pic 4           Resonator           Peghead           Side           Listen to MP3 of this instrument

Used Savannah Travel Banjo w/gigbag - $185 + $40 Shipping

This is a terrific travel banjo or youth banjo for someone really young just starting out! One of our Bluegrass Shack students used this when he started playing at 6 years old. He has grown and traded this in for a full size banjo. It is in near mint condition. The only drawback to this instrument is the non-geared 5th string peg. It takes a little bit more skill to get that in tune, but all smaller instruments are a little more difficult to tune due to the short scale size. No fret wear and no fingerboard wear. All setup and ready to play!

Additional Views: Click photo for larger front view

Front           Back           Pic 1          

Peghead           Side           Listen to MP3 of this instrument

Vintage 4-string May-Bell Banjo w/old case - $299 + $60 Shipping

This is a really cool, vintage May-Bell 4-string banjo! It is a great deal for someone looking for a beginning or step-up 4-string banjo. Also good to take with you places where you maybe wouldn't want to take a more expensive instrument. I am guessing this is from around 1930. It comes with a very old and ugly hard case. Fingerboard is faux mother-of-pearl with dot inlays. Has new planetary pegs, new head and new 11/16" bridge. Due to the thickness of the peghead, the new planetary tuners don't leave much room for the strings to wind on them, but there is still enough room (expecially if you use the "lock in" method of restringing). The rim and resonator are wood, but have gold sparkle and faux mother of pearl overlay. There are lots of cosmetic issues, but nothing structural. Lots of scratches on the resonator. Some of the hardware (mostly the j-hooks) have some rust. Other metal parts have plating wear. Instrument is solid and in ready to play condition!

Additional Views: Click photo for larger front view

Front           Back           Pic 1           Pic 2           Pic 3          

Peghead           Resonator           Side           Listen to MP3 of this instrument

Mint Condition Deering Americana Banjo - $500 + $50 Shipping

This is technically a brand new banjo, but since it was not bought by The Bluegrass Shack, we are listing it as used. It is on consignment from a banjo player that won it in a contest and never played it. It comes with the original Deering box. This banjo has added depth due to a 12" pot. Nice sound for clawhammer style! Okay for 3-finger Scruggs style as well, but not very loud since it doesn't have a resonator. Banjo is in mint condition and is setup and ready to play. Please Note: Because this instrument is on consignment, it is non-returnable.

Additional Views: Click photo for larger front view

Front           Back           Pic 1          

Peghead           Side           Listen to MP3 of this instrument


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